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18 Things to know about Howey Ou, China’s only teenage climate striker

18 Things to know about Howey Ou, China's only teenage climate striker

Meet Howey Ou, the 17-year-old girl who is the only teenage climate striker in China (there are other activists, but Ou is the only public striker). Every Friday, Howey takes to the streets to publicly demand the Chinese government to take climate action and lower emissions in order to avert a climate catastrophe. Since she began her activism a year and a half ago, Ou has been told she will no longer be able to continue her studies at her high school in Guilin. Despite run-ins with the authorities and ongoing challenges, Ou is pushing ahead as China's lone climate striker with unwavering commitment. We recently sat down (virtually) with Ou, who candidly shared with us what she's been getting up to, her mission and what's in store for the future.

1. It all started when Ou learned about veganism.

When Ou was little, she felt like she always cared for the environment but knew little more than to turn off the lights when leaving the room and to save as much water and energy as possible. "I had little idea about what climate change was and really only heard of it when the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015," Ou told Green Queen. "But later on when I reached the eighth grade, I started to learn about veganism and how it was more planet-friendly."

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2. She knew she had to do something after learning about multiple environmental issues...